Bond County Historical Society

Preserving the history of Bond County, Illinois and its communities

Biennial Quilt Show

Held Odd Years, Third Saturday in March

There are currently no plans for a Bond County Historical Society sponsored quilt show in 2023. If you or your guild/club would be interested in serving on a planning committee for a 2025 BCHS Quilt Show, please contact the society!

17th BCHS Quilt Show Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Press Release: (January 2021) March 20, 2021 BCHS Quilt Show Cancelled

16th Quilt Show, March 16, 2019

Photo Gallery

Featured Quilters: Ginny Ennen, Georgianne Tompkins, Janice Tompkins

Special Quilt Category Theme: “Celebrations”

Quilt Block Contest Theme: “Celebrations”

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Georgianne Tompkins, 1 of 3 Featured Quilters in Showcase

Showcase featured Georgianne Tompkins

Janice Tompkins, 1 of 3 Featured Quilters in Showcase

Showcase featured Janice Tompkins

Quilt Block Contest Winners/Entries - Kids

Quilt Block Contest Entries Ages 5-8, Ages 9-12, Ages 13-18

Quilt Block Contest Winners/Entries - Adults

Quilt Block Contest Entries Adults

Antique Quilt Bed Turning program

Mt Moriah community signature quilt contains over 800 names, thanks for sharing your 6 quilts and stories Rex Hill!

Antique Quilt Bed Turning program

Many thanks to Robyn Hargan who shared 6 vintage family quilts and stories

Quilt Block Contest Winners, Kids Divisions

L to R: Aiden Seyler, Delphie Seyler, Brooklyn Seyler, and Lydia Helmkamp

Viewer’s Choice Winner - Loretta Pezold (Machine Quilted Wall Quilt)

Shoreline Log Cabin: 7600 pieces of Batik Scraps

Viewer’s Choice Winner - Betty Boehm (Hand Quilted Bed Quilt)

Weaver Fever: 2x4 inch pieces in Greens and Blues

Viewer’s Choice Winner - Jan Eyman (made by Mary Wise) (Hand Quilted Wall Quilt)

Mini Quilt Gifted to a Friend: Floral pieced and embroidered, embellished with yo-yos

Viewer’s Choice Winner - Ward Sussenbach (made by Barbara Dyer) (Machine Quilted Bed Quilt)

Robins: A Symbolic Family Quilt Appliqu├ęd and Paper Pieced

Celebrations Special Theme Winner - Betty Boehm

Buggy Barn Witches celebrates Halloween

Demonstration - Borders

Demonstrator Ramona Ulmer shows and tells different choices for quilt borders including scalloped edges

Demonstration - Barn Quilt Painting

Demonstrator Robyn Hargan paints a section of her latest barn quilt without even taping off the lines!

Demonstration - Half-Square Triangles

Demonstrator Judith Diver cuts fabric with her rotary tool turning 2 10-inch squares into 8 4-inch half-triangle squares